Cloud Based Review Management

Online Review Management Made Easy

For your medical practice, business or store, online reviews have a direct
impact on your bottom line.

Businesses need IT to provide solutions to their unique needs. Our experience project managers understand business processes and ways to automate them. Our time tested project methodology follows the SDLC process with best in class project scoping, risks assessment and mitigation, customization requirements and integration to help execute projects on time and on budget.

Reviews Monitoring
Negative review analysis & problems identified
Mitigation of identified issues
Increase in new reviews
Response to reviews

Negative reviews does not necessarily mean that the product or services offered are inferior in any way. Most negatives stem from interpersonal issues which can be corrected. Also, many reviewers want their voices heard, they do not have any personal enmity with you.

You can turn negatives around. We can help.
Why Unbiazed?
  •  Cloud Based Software - Our cloud based software is easy, low footprint and mobile friendly. It is easy to use and maintain. Better still, we will do all the setup and maintenance.
  •  Ethical - We will be upfront in what we can and cannot do. We work on White Hat principles and adhere to code of conduct in regard to site’s regulations, spam policy etc.
  •  Consulting - Usually you either have a software based do it yourself solution or you have a consulting company charging thousands of dollars. We are a rare breed, we use our software but we also do all the work – setup, email or text dissemination, response to reviews etc. Your front office is already overloaded, adding this job will likely mean that it will remain undone.
  •  Cost Effective - We believe in competitive transparent pricing. No extra long unwieldy contracts.

Don’t wait any longer – online reviews are growing in importance. Call us for a FREE consultation.

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