Cyber Security

How the Hitech Act changes HIPAA rules?

Cybersecurity is now a legitimate and growing threat facing small and medium sized businesses in US. While hacking into large businesses drive the news cycle, many cyber criminals are turning their attention to the more vulnerable small businesses, leading to cyber intrusion and theft of valuable data.

The good news is that effective security measures, if done right, are not very expensive. Our full service or la carte solutions provide small and medium businesses peace of mind.

How to prevent an attack?

  • Constant Vigilance
  • Proactive Security Measures


We keep pace with the changing technology and its demands. Our solutions combine common sense easy solutions with more advanced technology, resulting in lower costs while reducing probability of cyber intrusions and hacking.

Stay ahead of the game and keep your information secure. Being proactive is better than waiting for something bad to happen.

Why worry about cybersecurity?
  •  By 2020, the world will need to cyber-defend 50 times more data that it did in 2016
  •  Cybersecurity damage can include theft of money, financial and personal data, and intellectual property
  •  Nearly half of all cyber-attacks are committed against small businesses
Have you been hacked? Been Google flagged for malware? Spam drowning your server? Did your data get compromised?
If you answer YES to any of the above, call us IMMEDIATELY. We can help, but time is of the essence.

Why us?

We are a managed security services provider (MSSP) based in Los Angeles.

  • Experience: Our staff have years of experience to back up their knowledge on how to keep your company safe.
  • Cost-Effective: No need to overpay for something your company needs to survive. Our reasonable rates won’t break the bank but will keep information secure.
  • Promised Results: Our advanced technology will definitely make an impact on the safety of your company’s information. It’s designed to discourage hackers from even attempting to interfere and destroy.

Call us for a FREE online security analysis, one of our project managers will discuss your specific situation.