Data Services

Unbiazed provides data management and preservation solutions for small and medium sized businesses.

Do you think that you have minuscule data as a small or medium sized business? Think again.

Small businesses never had access to the level of data that we have now. It is also very affordable. The days of big businesses only managing huge teams of data scientists are over. The playing field has been leveled to a large extent and data services is now accessible to all.

Do not throw darts in the dark.

If you are a medical practice, law firm, ecommerce store or a small business, we offer comprehensive solutions including aggregation of your website analytics, CRM software, industry data and tracking software data and then use modern BI software to unlock data into informed business decisions.


It is time for small businesses and practices to embrace big data. We can help.

We successfully mine Big Data by cross-referencing disparate customer and prospect information and browsing patterns to understand consumer behavior in terms of conversion metrics and abandonment, reduce human bias and errors by following a time tested proven methodology that improves customer conversion, retention, reinforce existing client bonds, anticipate and mitigate customer concerns, improve customer satisfaction and help your employees perform their jobs better.