The Founders Story

We are a diversified digital marketing company based in beautiful Orange County, California. The company is a culmination of a dream of our two founders who wanted to build on their digital marketing experience. For the last 10 years, our founders built successful online marketing campaigns through their original startup.

Unbiazed started with a dream – the desire to provide businesses the tools for success in 2015 leveraging virgin marketing territory still relatively unscathed by heavy competition.

Our digital marketing company is build to solidify your online presence and help your business beat the competition. We achieve this through our seamless strategic online campaigns across multiple web channels which effectively create a consistent and powerful brand presence, a higher ROI, and deliver amazing results to your business.

What To Expect From Us:

and Integrity


Proven Results


Focus-driven on
Lead Generation

Client Testimonials

"Any time, any day, 24/7 Roger and his team are available. Consistently outperforming for over 10 years."
"There are not enough stars and not enough words to express the unique excellence of this company! Consider yourself extremely fortunate if you can get them on your team!"
- Caree Brown L.C.S.W
“Danny’s intuitive online strategies and technical expertise helped build our dental practice from inception to what it is today. Thanks to the Unbiazed/Intact team.”
- Dr.Z​
"Roger and his team manages everything online for us. I don’t need to worry about anything other than my patients."
- Dr. Vishal Kapoor
"We are now seeing 15,000 patients a year and have 5 locations in New York. The only company I work with is Intact Info/Unbiazed."
- Dr. Mayank Shukla