Online Virtual Consultation

Virtual Care On The Go

Our Online Virtual Consultant is dedicated to helping people communicate online with certified doctors at their personal convenience. Our technology uses only HIPAA compliant standards securing communications between the two parties to ensure patient trust and confidentiality. This service was created to provide fast accessibility and patient convenience to quality medical care.

Online Virtual Consultation is one of the best things that has happened within the healthcare industry.

Grow your business by providing patients quality health service anywhere on the go. Online Virtual Consultant is your answer to increasing productivity to your practice.


Why Unbiazed?

  • Consulting - We prepare strategic plans that deal with program cost, billing compliance terms and other effective tools that will produce results.
  • For Security and Privacy - Our company is HIPAA-compliant to always keep all data and consultations secure.
  • Maintenance - We offer 24/7 technical support for site maintenance, help desk, and monitoring of any possible site threats.
  • Streamlined Process - We made the online virtual experience simple and easy for both doctors and patients.
  • Affordable - Upfront cost. No hidden fees or annual contracts.
Call us for a free consultation - you will be glad you did.
Advantages of Online Virtual Consultant:
  • It’s fast and easy. There is no need to schedule appointments.
  • Convenience. Accessible anywhere there is online connectivity.
  • Increases patient engagement by simplifying interaction between the healthcare provider and patient through an easy digital workflow experience.
  • Cost is reasonable. Patients can choose different options: one-time fee, monthly or annually.